Domain Names

Domain names are usuallly the first step you take in setting up your website - but they can also be the making or breaking of your project.

It's vitally important that you make the right decision when it comes to the name of your site. Obviously everyone would ideally like their exact company name but this isn't always possible. With so many companies out there now on the Net certain names are becoming more scarce by the second. You can also get caught out by companies who will scare you into securing your company name in a variety of, .com, .net etc formats at an extortionate cost - only for you to find that whe the time comes to set up email addresses at that name or to start to set up a website you have no idea how to do it and get no help from the company you bought the name from!

We charge £25 per year for all domain names and £35 per year for .com. This price covers all extras (some companies quote ridiculous prices of a few pounds or even pence and then hit you with 'registration fees') and includes email addresses set up at this address and even if you merely want to reserve a particular name and are not yet ready to have a site built, the name you buy from us is all ready for a site as and when you are ready.

Beware of companies who will sell you a domain name but cannot offer email addresses at that name or help you with website hosting when you feel ready to take the plunge with your site. There is nothing worse than paying for your company name (say and then be told that you can't have the email address or because they can't provide that service (unless you pay extra for it!) and often when you want to host a site at that name you are left with frustrating administration and more charges.

The first step is to see if your chosen website name is available.It's always advisable to buy both and .com versions to avoid losing traffic to your site. Click the 'check your name now' button below to find out if the name you want is available then contact us to secure it today!